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Allan Kujala - Personnel Director    (IPMA-CP, CLRP, CGBA)             
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Cathleen McLean - Payroll Administrator    
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Yvonne Messina - Personnel Technician II   
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Margo Mangiamele-Orlando - Personnel Technician I   
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IPMA-Certified Professional (IPMA-CP) awarded by International Public Management Association - Human Resources.   www.ipma-hr.org
Certified Labor Relations Professional (CLRP) awarded by National Public Employer Labor Relations Association.   www.npelra.org
Certified Government Benefits Administrator (CGBA) awarded by the State & Local Government Benefits Association.   www.salgba.com

Summary of Benefits & Coverage (July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015)

Summary of Benefits (July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015)

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Summary of Benefits & Coverage (PPACA): July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014

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Financial Privacy Notice (Delta Dental)

IRS Notice to Employees Eliglble to Participate (Pension Plan)


NOTICE: All Kent County position descriptions have been amended by Levy Court effective June 11, 2013 to incorporate an Additional Requirement as follows: Must maintain a positive work environment by acting and communicating in a manner that promotes harmonious relations with customers, co-workers, and supervisors. 



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Highmark BCBS Summary of Benefits & Coverage (PPACA)

Highmark BCBS Summary of Benefits (Kent County)


Draft Kent County Safety Policy & Manual Revisions


NOTICE: All Kent County position decriptions have been amended by Levy Court effective June 11, 2013 to incorporate an Additional Job Requirement as follows: Must maintain a positive work environment by acting and communicating in a manner that promotes harmonious relations with customers, co-workers, and supervisors.


Kent County department heads have selected DARIN L. JONES from the Department of Community Services as the December 2014 Employee of the Month.


Darin is a Parks Worker II in the Parks & Recreation Division and has worked for Kent County since August 2005. His primary duties include cutting grass, general landscaping, maintaining equipment, inspecting and clearing trails, repairing park structures, and performing carpentry work in a safe manner.


When Darin joined the County, he brought a wealth of knowledge with more than 10 years of experience in the private sector in equipment maintenance and as a machinist.  His skills also included carpentry, metal fabricating, painting, plumbing, and electrical work. He is also a certified welder.


Darin has put his farm hand experience as a youth and his advanced training as a welder to beneficial use to the County.  He and his co-workers often fabricate tools to help get their jobs done. For example, mowing around fence posts can be difficult, so Darin reconfigured the mower to offset the handles resulting in a clean cut in less time. Last winter, parks staff recognized the need for a small trailer for the ATV.  Rather than purchasing the apparatus, he and a co-worker reused scrap metal and broken equipment to fabricate the cart. It proved to very handy this past summer.


According to his supervisors, Darin can fix any piece of equipment. “It’s really amazing how Darin can see a potential fix to an unfixable problem, and then fabricate the fix himself”, said Director of Community Services Keith Mumford.     


Congratulations Darin on a job well done!


Zerhusen Donna

Kent County department heads have selected DONNA L. ZERHUSEN from the Department of Finance as the November 2014 Employee of the Month.


Donna is an Account Analyst in the Accounting section and has worked for Kent County since September 2007. She is a graduate of Wilmington University with a Bachelors Degree in Accounting and earned a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from the university this past summer. Donna achieved her Certified Public Accountant designation in 2002.


Donna is chiefly responsible for preparing and reviewing requests for proposals, bid documents, and quotation summaries in accordance with DE Code Title 29 and County code for all Departments and funds of Kent County. In addition, she tracks general fund fixed assets and prepares general fund depreciation schedules for audit; oversees all the components of the capital projects fund including reviews of bids and contracts for compliance, cost spending, and budgeting; reconciles large complex accounts including grant funds received by the County, medical trust fund expenditures, pension fund transactions; and she manages numerous reporting functions. Her efforts are vital to a successful annual audit and bond issue. Her detailed financial analysis earns high praise from bond counsel and the auditors.


According to her supervisors, Donna is a dedicated member of the staff that diligently applies her accounting skills to ferret out savings in all areas of Kent County government.  She is always willing to put in the necessary time to achieve budgeting and audit deadlines, and strives to exceed expectations.  She relishes a good fiscal challenge and endeavors to help others understand how the various funds are interconnected.    


Congratulations Donna on a job well done!



Kent County Department Heads have selected DEVIN S. DuPREE from the Department of Public Works as the October 2014 Employee of the Month.


Devin, a Maintenance Mechanic II in the Division of Wastewater Facilities, has worked for Kent County since October 2010.  He is responsible for operating, maintaining, installing, and making repairs to pumps, valves, air release valves, all types of piping, and any other integral components in wastewater collection operations.


According to supervisors, Devin has demonstrated over and over his commitment to his job. Since being hired, he has earned perfect attendance honors each and every year - which by itself makes him stand out among his peers. He is always first to volunteer for overtime opportunities regardless of the nature of the event. In addition, it is important to point out that Devin left a promising career in the construction trades working with a great mentor to join Kent County. Since then he has used those extensive skills to greatly benefit County sewer operations.


According to Public Works Director Hans Medlarz, “Devin is an exceptional employee. He spent numerous hours helping repair the force main break located in the middle of U.S. 13 this past July and was first-in-line when hands-on action was needed. He is the wingman you want when the job gets difficult. You can certainly tell one’s work ethic when his assistance is requested over and over again by coworkers.”


Congratulations Devin on a job well done!


Kent County Department Heads have selected JOSHUA C. NORRIS from the Department of Public Safety as the September 2014 Employee of the Month.


Josh has been a Kent County employee since July 2007 and serves as a Dispatcher II in the Emergency Communications Division. His primary duties include responding to numerous emergency and non-emergency calls, assessing the critical response required, and then dispatching the proper emergency service.


Supervisors regularly praise him for his positive attitude and willingness to take on new tasks.  For instance, when Josh saw the need he created a comprehensive database listing all available fire apparatus in Kent County along with nearby mutual aid Counties which identifies all tools and equipment by apparatus type. 


More recently in anticipation of a new employee being hired, Josh offered his assistance for the orientation process. He assumed the lead training role and served as facilitator for the new employee during the 6 month training program.  During that period of time, Josh made several improvements and updates to the training regimen including a debriefing report. The report is shared with the new employee immediately after each shift and identifies areas that need improvement along with positive comments. This new process won high praise from both the new employee and supervisors. 


Josh is a volunteer at Hartly Fire Company and currently serves as First Assistant Chief responsible for overseeing the training program for Junior and Probationary Members.


Congratulations Josh on a job well done!


Kent County Department Heads have selected HOLLY L. MALONE from the Recorder of Deeds Office as the August 2014 Employee of the Month.


Holly has been a Kent County employee since January 2009 and holds the position of Deputy Recorder of Deeds. She is responsible for administering the office and performing the official duties of the position in the absence of the Recorder of Deeds.


Her primary duties include supervising staff, reconciling cash receipts, preparation of month end reports for realty transfer taxes due the State of Delaware and municipalities, approving invoices for the office, and working through routine software errors with the vendor.


As Deputy, Holly has championed a streamlined and user friendly document recording process. She was instrumental in helping make Kent County the first county in Delaware to offer e-recording. The process has reduced the amount of paper physically handled by staff and significantly improved the document error rate. During her tenure, the number of Deeds office employees has been reduced by one half and she has endeavored to maintain that number by implementing operational efficiencies, technology solutions, and cross training. Holly has helped achieve these work goals while remaining focused on providing excellent customer service.  


According to Kent County Recorder of Deeds Betty Lou McKenna, “Holly has been on the forefront of technology in this office. She deserves the credit for making e-recording a reality in Kent County. She has helped transform the staff into a cohesive work unit with a personal commitment to provide excellent customer service with each and every transaction. She is greatly deserving of this honor.”


Congratulations Holly on a job well done!


Kent County Department Heads have selected JOHN A. SCHULTIES from the Department of Planning Services as the July 2014 Employee of the Month.


John is a Buildings Codes Inspector III in the Inspections & Enforcement Division and has worked for Kent County since April 2005. His duties include supervising the building inspectors and code enforcement officers for the County and making day-to-day task assignments. His prior background as a contractor makes him imminently qualified to understand construction techniques and overcome unique challenges. 


John’s expertise and positive demeanor goes a long way in resolving complex building code interpretations with contractors or property maintenance issues with homeowners.  His reputation in the field makes him the “go to” person when an inspector and contractor encounter an unusual situation.


John was previously honored in December 2009, but more recently has proven invaluable by filling a temporary leadership void in the Division. He has taken on additional administrative responsibilities and committed himself to stay on top of various management issues all while performing his normal duties.


 “John is the Division’s problem solver,” observed Planning Services Director SARAH KEIFER. “His dedication to the concept of excellent customer service has helped shift the culture of the staff toward collective problem solving and cooperation. He is a role model for the inspectors and the rest of the staff. John’s professionalism and compassion serves the citizens of Kent County well and represents what is best about public service.”


Congratulations John on a job well done! 


Kent County Department Heads have selected BARBARA L. MILLER from the Department of Public Works as the June 2014 Employee of the Month.


Barbara has been a Kent County employee since June 2005 and serves as Administrative Secretary for the Department. Her primary duties include supervision of clerical staff, preparation of general correspondence as well payroll, administration of the Dover Air Force Base sewer contract, and reconciliation of garbage collection vendor invoices. She was promoted to her current position in August 2013 after serving as Senior Secretary in the Engineering Division for more than 8 years.


Since assuming her new role, Barbara has worked tirelessly to address citizen concerns about garbage collection services. The snowy weather this past winter and wet spring caused numerous service delays and generated hundreds of telephone calls, but Barbara politely responded to the customer issues. She also helped manage the recent garbage contract bidding process and fielded dozens of inquiries. She has deftly handled the competing interests of vendors from the public works arena all the while training a new staff person in her former responsibilities.


According to Public Works Director Hans Medlarz, “Barbara has navigated the transition process with great skill and a lot of patience. She meets Levy Court’s expectation of a model employee in every aspect of the word and serves their constituents and the Public Works team well.” 


            Congratulations Barbara on a job well done!



Kent County Department Heads have selected BENJAMIN A. SACKEY from the Department of Administration as the May 2014 Employee of the Month.


            Ben started working for Kent County in November 2007 and holds the position of Systems Analyst Administrator in the Information Technology Office. He earned his MBA and bachelor’s degree in Information Systems/Finance from Bowling Green State University, and has extensive experience working with the IBM AS400 platform. He previously worked for Playtex Apparel, Inc. and Associated Computer Services, the County’s former contracted information technology services provider.


            Ben’s primary duties involve configuring and maintaining the AS400 platform including architecture design and development, performance analysis, system evaluation, IT solution coordination, and successful transition to new or enhanced programming versions.


            The AS400 is the County’s primary computer platform and hosts most applications from the property appraisal software to payroll processing to sewer billing. As such, it requires regular maintenance and crucial interaction with end users – often at the most critical point in the process.


            According to Information Technology Director Kim Crouch, “Ben can best be described as a problem solver. He has the ability to quickly analyze complex computer code to determine the applicable software glitch, correct it, and restore the program to operability. His caring attitude and amicable nature helps ease frustrations when software applications or modifications invariably hit a snag – especially after an update. Although Ben does not interact with every employee or the public, the work he performs behind the scenes impacts each and every one.”


            Congratulations Ben on a job well done!



Kent County Department Heads have selected BARBARA A. STOUGH from the Department of Finance as the April 2014 Employee of the Month.


            Barbara has been a KentCounty employee since August 2005 and holds the position of Accountant II in the general fund Accounting section. She holds bachelor degrees in accounting from Wilmington University and mathematics from Duquesne University. She previously served in the United States Air Force and worked in bookkeeping and accounting positions for a variety of business concerns from restaurants to ILC Dover before joining the County team.


            Barbara’s primary duties include reconciling and allocating employee insurance premiums, invoice payment processing, coordinating the financial aspect of the EMS grant, and reviewing all general fund purchases for compliance with County policy and budget constraint provisions implemented in 2008. While the procurement rules can be frustrating to the purchaser and the vendor, she has deftly managed the process with great respect and professionalism.


            According to Finance Director Susan Durham, “Barb’s mild mannered demeanor lends itself well to the current procurement process employed by Kent County.  She took on the new responsibility without hesitation and has taken the lead in educating managers about the purchasing rules. As a result, the County has trimmed expenditures and instilled a cost conscience mindset amongst employees.”


            Congratulations Barbara on a job well done!



Kent County Department Heads have selected MEGAN R. MOERMAN from the Department of Public Safety as the March 2014 Employee of the Month.


Megan has been a Kent County employee since July 2007 and serves as Paramedic II in the Division of Emergency Medical Services. Her primary duties include treating patients using advanced emergency care procedures and insuring the high quality delivery of life support techniques. In addition, she serves as the Field Training Officer for her shift responsible for orienting and evaluating new hires, precepting Delaware Tech paramedic students, and conducting continuing education training.  


Megan is praised by supervisors for her enthusiasm and initiative. She takes an active role in the Division by serving as the County’s primary representative on the State Protocols Committee which reviews and develops procedures for treatment and medications for consideration by the four State Medical Directors. Megan’s co-workers especially appreciate her considerate nature. For example, recently after working the overnight shift in adverse weather conditions, she volunteered to substitute last minute for a co-worker on an interview panel for a potential employee, just so the co-worker would not have to drive in the snow. 


According to Public Safety Director Colin Faulkner, “Megan exhibits a high level of energy that lends itself well to her FTO duties instructing Paramedic students during field training and the quality assurance process. She brings out the best in people, especially on the scene. Her keen awareness of patient outcomes drives her to be the best she can be in every situation. That dedication serves as an inspiration to her co-workers. She is especially deserving of this recognition.”


            Congratulations Megan on a job well done!



Kent County Department Heads have selected HILARY WELLIVER from the Department of Community Services as the February 2014 Employee of the Month.


Hilary has been a Kent County employee since November 2006 and serves as Assistant Director of Community Services – Libraries Division. Her primary duties involve administering the operations of the County library system, including the CountyLibrary and the mobile library, preparation of budget requests for State Library Standards funds, managing the library staff and collections, and serving as liaison between the County and other public and private libraries. In addition, she assists the Kent County Library Advisory Committee and represents the County on state-wide library associations. 


Hilary became County Librarian in June 2009, and has endeavored since then to expand community outreach and increase the number of library patrons. Her efforts have resulted in a 44 percent increase in County issued library cards, 35 percent increase in circulation, and 26 percent increase in Library visits. The outreach efforts have seen significant growth with the extremely popular “Arts in the Parks” programs and the unique Winter Carnival. These programs have generated much positive press and elevated the importance of reading in the lives of Kent County residents and visitors.


According to County Administrator Mike Petit de Mange, “Hilary has worked diligently to raise the stature of the “Friendly Little Library on the Highway” in our community and her success is measured by the increased visits, expanding circulation, and exceptional customer service. She and the staff have made the County Library a popular Kent County destination not only for books and videos, but outstanding community events like the Winter Carnival and performing arts programs, a variety of inspiring special interest programs, and job training.  We’re very fortunate to have Hilary as an important member of the Kent County Team.”


            Congratulations Hilary on a job well done!



Kent County Department Heads have selected ANDREW T. RIGGI from the Department of Public Works as the January 2014 Employee of the Month.


Andy has been a Kent County employee since September 2012 and serves as an Engineering Project Manager III in the Division of Engineering. His primary duties include performing professional engineering work with emphasis on design and construction. In addition, he performs research, analysis, and assessments in order to develop reports and recommendations on proposed and ongoing projects. 


Since joining the staff, Andy has taken the lead for the $1.5 million HVAC upgrade, telephone replacement, and parking lot expansion projects at the Department of Public Safety. He has confidently managed the competing interests of several contractors and numerous vendors in a critical, highly sensitive component of County government. He has earned praise from Public Safety staff for his careful consideration of their needs during the construction phase and his commitment to achieving timelines. He has sacrificed many hours of family time to guarantee the full functionality of the Emergency Operations Center during these projects.


According to Public Works Director Hans Medlarz, “Andy has earned his reputation with his significant contributions to the success of this enormous project at the Department of Public Safety. Once completed, the Public Safety staff will have an efficient and effective HVAC and telephone system plus adequate parking and equipment storage with considerable overall cost savings.”  


Congratulations Andy on a job well done!

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