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HR Current News

2021 HURRICANE season begins to hit peak - make plans for it now! :

Although the Atlantic hurricane season began on June 1, we are now entering the peak of the season. With the Atlantic churning up more and more powerful storms, it is as important as ever to be prepar... (Learn more)

Face Masks REQUIRED for County visitors & unvaccinated staff :

Levy Court has endorsed a phased response approach to the resurgence of COVID-19 in the community. Effective immediately (08/19/21), all visitors to Kent County facilities must wear a face covering an... (Read more)

Kent County employees IMPROVED WELLNESS efforts in 2020 :

DVHT has released the 2020 Wellness Program Report which highlights the progress toward a culture of health at Kent County Levy Court. This information will help staff evaluate employees’ and their s... (Learn more)

Continue to be VIGILANT to avoid COVID/Delta variant infection :

Honestly, everyone wants the pandemic to be over, but COVID-19 variants continue to threaten the unvaccinated and persons with an immune deficiency. Research indicates that individuals fully vaccinate... (Read more)

SAVE YOUR IDENTITY - Be alert for fraudulent UI claims & scams :

Kent County has received several notices recently that are indicative of probable fraudulent unemployment insurance claims and a fraudulent direct deposit request. A few of these notices often contai... (Learn more)

Earn CASH INCENTIVES for 2021 wellness program participation :

Earn cash incentives by completing certain covered wellness programs available to Kent County health insurance program participants through the Delaware Valley Health Trust Wellness team in 2021. All... (Learn more)

As winter approaches, Stay STRONG & STEADY this season :

The challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic have caused much lifestyle stress for all of us. It can be a natural response to be stuck in the blahs, what some have dubbed “languishing.” However, it’s ... (Learn more)

DVHT - Learn more about YOUR health status with screenings :

During the pandemic, many healthcare providers were postponing or canceling preventive screenings and elective care. Now that most providers are scheduling these services again, it’s a great time to c... (Learn more)

Strategies to COMMUNICATE more smoothly & other useful info :

Communicating with others, whether with friends, family or coworkers, is not always easy, especially if you have different communication styles or views on any given subject. Misunderstandings can e... (Learn more)

DVHT wellness program SCORES success with REWARDS! :

Since its inception in 2008, the Delaware Valley Health Trust Wellness Program has evolved to meet the needs of Health Trust membership as new science and trends emerge to create the best experience p... (Learn more)

Understanding the LONG TERM effects of Covid & Delta variant :

It’s been more than a year since the pandemic began, and we continue to learn more about the short- and long-term health effects of COVID-19. Although most people get better within weeks, some people ... Learn more

Rx web search can DISPENSE big SAVINGS for health plan! :

According to a recent Delaware Valley Health Trust/Aetna premium renewal estimate, the prescription portion of Kent County’s premium is likely to increase 9% beginning July 1. Not surprisingly, the c... (Read more)

FREE financial planning webinars available monthly from ICMA-RC :

ICMA-RC’s Certified Financial Planner™ professionals provide clear and personalized guidance to those who serve our communities toward a more secure and confident financial future. Free webinars avai... (Learn more)

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