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The Kent County Department of Administration consists of the County Administrator's Office, Economic Development and Business Assistance Office, Information Technology Office, Personnel Office, and Facilities Management Division. These offices support the seven elected Levy Court Commissioners as well as other County departments and elected County offices by administering all County functions relating to employees, infrastructure, economic development initiatives. The Department of Administration is headed by the County Administrator who is the chief appointed officer of the County. His duties include advising Levy Court Commissioners on issues affecting Kent County and managing the day to day operations of county government. The County Administrator supervises all appointed department managers, provides direct oversight for the Information Technology, Economic Development, Personnel, and Facilities Management offices, and coordinates the activities of all departments on behalf of Levy Court.  The Department of Administration provides for the security and general maintenance of all County buildings.

 Ken C. Decker

County Administrator



The Department of Community Services consists of the Libraries Division and the Parks and the Recreation Division. These divisions support community outreach activities and services, such as providing and maintaining County libraries, developing and maintaining County park land, and administering recreational activities for residents of Kent County.

Jeremy Sheppard



The Department of Finance keeps the financial records for all County funds, prepares reports and financial statements, manages County investments, collects tax revenues, and administers assessment functions relating to real property and improvements.

Susan Durham, CPA



The Department of Planning Services consists of the Geographic Information Systems Division, the Inspections and Enforcement Division, and the Planning Division. These divisions support County planning and growth-related activities, such as maintaining property maps, enforcing building codes, and coordinating and planning the growth of the County.

Sarah Keifer, AICP




The Department of Public Safety consists of the Emergency Communications Division, the Emergency Management Division, and the Emergency Medical Services Division. This department administers all public safety-related functions for the County, including operating the 24 hour, seven day a week centralized dispatch center for fire, ambulance and rescue; informing the public of dangers that threaten the well being of the citizens of the County; coordinating activities in the event of extraordinary emergencies; and ensuring high quality emergency medical care through advanced life support services.

Chief Colin Faulkner, NREMT-P



The Department of Public Works consists of the Engineering Division and the Wastewater Facilities Division. The responsibilities of this department include design, construction and maintenance of the County's regional sewer system; managing the County's sanitary, trash collection and street lighting districts; managing the daily operations of the Kent County Regional Resource Recovery Facility and associated pump stations.

Diana T. Golt, P.E.

Witnesses County documents; attends all Levy Court Business Meetings; records and acts as custodian for the Minutes of the Levy Court Meetings; advertises and posts County ordinances; countersigns warrants drawn on County funds. Issues marriage licenses and performs marriages (civil ceremonies) in the County.
Responsible for indexing and maintaining copies of legal documents pertaining to land, mortgages, appointments, etc
Hon. Eugenia Thornton
The function of the Sheriff's Office  is to service Kent County by performing many functions for the State of Delaware Courts (Superior Court, Court of Common Pleas, District Courts and Court in Chancery) and U.S. Courts.  The Sheriff's Office serves legal notices (subpoenas, levies, summons, etc.)  Additionally, the Sheriff's Office sells real estate in accordance with the Delaware Code. 

The Register of Wills Office records Wills after death and other documents pertaining to estate matters in Kent County, Delaware. The office is responsible for overseeing the appointments of personal representatives and for administering estate proceedings. This office is also held accountable for making sure that the estates are in compliance with the Delaware Law and Kent County policies. All estate matters are maintained as permanent records.

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