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Building Permit Application Checklists

 **Click on desired Permit Checklist below to view guidlines and required documents. 



Permit Checklists

Permit Expires:


Agricultural Agricutural Farm Building 12 months AGRI
Agricultural Demolition/Relocation  6 months DEMS
 Agricultural  Large Scale Chicken/Poultry House(s)  12 months   POUL 
Commercial  ADDN/ALT/RENO Non-Residential BLDG     12 months ADCO
Commercial  Business Certificate of Occupancy   12 months COFO
Commercial Demolition/Relocation  6 months  DEMS
Commercial Fence   12 months  FEN
Commercial  Large Event Parking  12 months  DDPK
Commercial Other Non-Residential Building    12 months OTHE
Commercial  Pool/Hot Tub/Spa 3 months  POOL
Commercial  Rebuild - Commercial  12 months  RBCO
Commercial  Sign   12 months SIGN
Commercial Temporary Activity Permit    12 months TMPA
Manufactured Home Demolition/Relocation    6 months DEMS
Manufactured Home Manufactured Home Park   3 months MHPK
Manufactured Home Manufactured Home Private Land   3 months MHPL
Manufactured Home Manufactured Home Retirement Inspection    12 months MHRL
Manufactured Home Rebuild - Manufactured Home   3 months RBMH
Residential  Addition to Accessory Building   12 months ACAD
Residential  Addition/Porch/Deck   12 months RAPD
Residential  Addition/Room   12 months RARM
Residential  Alterations/Renovations  12 months  RENO
Residential Demolition/Relocation   6 months DEMS
Residential Fence    12 months FEN
Residential Home Based Business   12 months  HBB
Residential Other Residential Building (Accessory)   12 months  ACCE
Residential Pool/Hot Tub/Spa  3 months  POOL
Residential Rebuild - Single Family Dwelling    12 months RBSF
Residential Shed/Carport/Dog Kennel    12 months SHED
Residential Single Family Dwelling (House) Attached   12 months SFDA
Residential Single Family Dwelling (House) Detached   12 months SFD






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