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These are mapping resources that were created by the Kent County Department of Planning to help inform the public about a range of different topics and ideas.

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Story Maps


Economic Development - This story provides an overview of factors that impact econimic development efforts in Kent County, inlcuding education, income, and workforce composition.  It goes on to lay out the current economic efforts and recommendations moving forward.


Parks and Recreation - This story is an in-depth look at the parks facilitities available to residents and visitors in Kent County.  It's main focus is the County owned and operated amanities, but it also provides a brief mention of the state and federal lands.  It also provides results from our public feedback surveys, accessibility issues, and the recommendations.


HousingThis outlines the housing conditions Kent County mainly focusing on affordability, building activity, and future needs.


Natural ResourcesThis story dicusses the many environmental features in kent County including woodlands, wetlands, floodplain, and other waterways.  It dives into climate change, agricultural preservation, and recommendations for the future.


Community FacilitiesKent County provides a wide variety of services to the citizens of Kent County.  This story goes into schools, emergency services, Wastewater, Libraries, and Technology.


Historic Preservation - The County has a variety of historical resources ranging from National Register Historic Sites to recents efforts of historic preservation.


Land UseOur Land Use story is a description of the planning mechinisms we use to guide growth in the County.  This inlcudes targeting areas for commercial development or higher density residential areas.


Community Design - How will Kent County look in the future?  This story examines resident responses to this question and some potential design ideas we could use to help meet the goals of the community.


TransportationThis story will show the efforts of the Department of Transportation in moving people in and around the County.  We look at not only vehicles but pedestrians as well.


Intergovernmental Coordination - This story outlines the different jurisdictions that the County must work with to best serve the taxpayers.  We highlight each municipality in the county and some of the State agencies that we work with on a regualr basis.

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