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Emergency Communications

Kevin R. Sipple - Assistant Director

911 Public Safety Blvd.  Dover, DE 19901

(302) 735-2203 / Fax: (302)  734-6039

Email:  Kevin.Sipple@KentCountyDE.gov

Office Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm Mon.-Fri.


Fire/EMS Non-Emergency:           

(302) 734-6040 




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Fire and Ems Departments
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The Division of Emergency Communications, also known as Kent Center is the true first responder to all Fire/EMS emergencies throughout Kent County.  Our mission is to act as a vital and critical link between our public safety agencies and the citizens they protect and serve.  We strive to ensure the preservation of life and property by treating all who use our services with professionalism, courtesy and compassion and by relaying accurate information in a timely and efficient manner.  Our Communications Center provides countywide 911 emergency call-taking, dispatching and centralized communications services to 18 volunteer fire departments and 14 EMS agencies.


The Kent County 911 Center is dedicated to providing the highest quality 911 Service and committed to ensuring the prompt dispatch of the emergency services in your time of need.  If at anytime you have concerns, you should immediately contact Assistant Director, Kevin R. Sipple at (302) 734-6040 or by email Kevin.Sipple@KentCountyDE.gov.


Our community’s first responders, while independent of the County, work closely with the Department of Public Safety to provide public safety to residents. Please select the service below to locate and contact the organization you seek. Please remember to call 911 in an emergency situation.



North Bowers Fire Department

3285 Main St.  Frederica, DE 19946

Phone (302) 335-4640 Fax (302) 335-1324



Camden-Wyoming Fire Company

200 E. Camden-Wyoming Ave. Camden DE 19934

Phone (302) 697-8671 Fax (302) 697-7975



Carlisle Fire Company

615 N.W. Front St. Milford DE 19963

Phone (302) 422-8001 Fax (302) 422-2146



Cheswold Fire Company

371 Main St. Cheswold DE 19936

Phone (302) 736-1516 Fax (302) 736-6237



Citizens’ Hose Fire Company

103 W. Commerce St. Smyrna DE 19977

Phone (302) 653-9858 Fax: (302) 653-9422



Clayton Fire Company

214 Railroad Ave. Clayton DE 19938

Phone (302) 653-7317 Fax: (302) 653-3712



Dover Fire Department

Headquarters – 103 S. Governors Ave. Dover DE 19904

Station 2 – 911 Kenton Rd. Dover, DE 19904

Phone (302) 736-7168 Fax: (302) 736-7166



Farmington Fire Company

20920 South Dupont Highway Farmington DE 19950

Phone (302) 398-4445 Fax: (302) 398-3720



Felton Community Fire Company

9 E. Main St. Felton DE 19943

Phone (302) 284-4800 Fax: (302) 284-9581



Frederica Vol. Fire Company

411 Frederica Rd. Frederica DE 19946

Phone (302) 335-3235 Fax: (302) 335-1169



Harrington Fire Company

20 Clark St. Harrington DE 19952

Phone (302) 398-8931 Fax: (302) 398-4350



Hartly Vol. Fire Company

2898 Arthursville Rd Hartly DE 19953

Phone (302) 492-3677 Fax: (302) 492-3680



Houston Fire Company

143 Broad St. Houston DE 19954

Phone (302) 422-5811 Fax: (302) 422-3821



Leipsic Vol. Fire Company

318 Main St. Leipsic, Dover DE 19901

Phone (302) 674-0829 Fax: (302) 674-2694



Little Creek Vol. Fire Company

311 Main St. Little Creek DE 19961

Phone (302) 674-2149 Fax: (302) 674-0522



Magnolia Vol. Fire Company

2 N. Main St. Magnolia DE 19962

Phone (302) 335-3260 Fax: (302) 335-3587



Marydel Fire Company

110 Firehouse Lane, Marydel DE 19964

Phone (302) 492-9917 Fax: (302) 492-8428



South Bowers Vol. Fire Company

57 Scotts Corner Rd Milford DE 19963

Phone (302) 335-4666 Fax: (302) 335-4273


Smyrna America Legion Ambulance Service

900 Smyrna Clayton Blvd. Smyrna DE 19977

Phone (302) 653-6465 Fax: (302) 653-9342



Saint Francis Healthcare – City of Dover

1001 S. Bradford St. Suite 2 Dover, DE 19904

Phone (302) 747-7012 



The Delaware Emergency Notification System (DENS) is a notification system dedicated to notifying Delaware residents in the event of an emergency in their area. The Kent County Emergency Communications Division, along with the Delaware Emergency Management Agency, encourages residents who exclusively use mobile telephones to register their numbers in a statewide database that will be used for the Delaware Emergency Notification System.

Additional information regarding this program is available on the Delaware Emergency Management Agency website.



To register click below.





Most of us take this important task for granted; a guarantee that someone else will be there on the other end of the phone, ready to help at a moment's notice. As simple as it may seem, the system of 911 is both very clever and very sophisticated. Lets take a look at what happens when you call.


Most phones have the capability to dial into 911.

When you dial into 911:

  • The signal goes to the phone company's database.
  • There, it finds out the information that you supply the phone company when you start your service. 
  • Then your signal, along with the information is sent to us in the form of Automatic Name and Location information (ANI/ALI). 

Our 911 Center is now Phase II compatible with most cellular telephone companies.  After ten seconds we can send a signal to your phone to request your GPS coordinates. With most cellular carriers we can determine your location to within about 50 feet.

When you dial 911 please stay on the line, do not hang up! Calls into 911 are taken in the order in which they are received.

The Dispatcher answering your 911 call determines the type of service needed using a proven and efficient interview process. They provide initial help if necessary and then immediately contact the appropriate emergency agency to provide assistance.
The Dispatcher is the first link in the Fire/Medical Survival Chain, providing Pre-Arrival and Post-Dispatch instructions to callers with a fire/medical emergency. Critical procedures such as CPR, airway management, and childbirth, just to name a few, can be started before more advanced help arrives.

The Dispatcher uses a Computer Aided Dispatch terminal. Together with a touch screen telephone interface, information about the caller's location and phone number is available for verification by the Dispatcher.

A Dispatcher is a public safety employee who asks questions to determine the who, what, where, how and why (as well as the what should/can/might be done) in a multitude of circumstances, in which the caller often mistakenly assumes that the answers are obvious.

The Dispatcher knows that action taken based on incomplete or inaccurate information can endanger callers, victims and the responders.

That is why he or she must make sure answers to questions are clear, complete and precise. If an answer is "far," for example, the Dispatcher must ask: "how far? " If someone is having chest pains in a large building," the Dispatcher must ask: "What's the best access to the patient?"  You can help by being as precise and exact as possible when providing information during a 911 call.

Once the Dispatcher has analyzed the situation, the call is immediately routed by computer to a dispatcher for the appropriate emergency response (Police, Fire or EMS) to provide the service(s) needed.

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To view any Fire or EMS District click the attached links:


Kent County Fire District map


Kent County EMS District map

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