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Emergency Medical Services

Deputy Chief John A. Tinger 

Assistant Director

911 Public Safety Blvd.  Dover, DE 19901

(302) 735-2180 / Fax: (302) 735-2186

Email:  John.Tinger@KentCountyDE.gov


Office Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm Mon.-Fri.

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Special Operations
Mass Gatherings
Technical Rescue
SWAT Medics
NASCAR Motorsports
ATMR / Bike Medics
Special Operations


The Special Operations Division is made up of a variety of Specialized Disciplines.  Kent County Paramedics can apply for and train in SWAT medic, Hazmat/ Decon, Confined space rescue, All Terrain Medical Response/bike team, and many other specialties.



Mass Gathering Coverage


In Kent County we utilize Paramedics on Gators or utility vehicles for many special events.  We host NASCAR races each year, as well as the Firefly music festival.  These events are perfect for Paramedics to function and utilize non traditional transportation in order to best access patients.




 AbramIMG 0376IMG 0331

Technical Rescue


Kent County Paramedics on this specialized team provide support to Kent County's Special Operations Team. They are trained in Trench Rescue, High Angle Rescue, Confined Space, Swift Water, and Rope Rescue. They serve as Advanced Life Support providers for the County Team.


tech rescue





Our SWAT  paramedics currently work with a number of Police agencies.  They attend a two week initial training course, and are part of the "Stack" operating in the Hot Zone with Law Enforcement on a variety of missions.

To be eligible, these Paramedics must pass a rigorous initial physical evaluation.
Complete 2-week initial training at the International School of Tactical Medicine®.
They participate in monthly drills, and train on and utilize specialized Personal Protective Equipment and medical equipment.

SwatoperatorgraySwat Medics

Kent County Paramedics specially trained to provide medical coverage at NASCAR races at Dover Motorsports Speedway. They are on the track ready to respond to any medical or traumatic emergency.




nascar 2

The All Terrain Medical Response (ATMR) or Bike Medic Team are highly trained paramedics who provide ALS coverage using bicycles to respond.


The Paramedics on this teams attend specialized training in order to operate and respond on bicycles.  All of our Bike medics attend the International Police Mountain Bicyclist Association (IPBMA) course.


bike 1


They are utilized during events where access to patients require speedy and unique response on bicycles.


bike 2



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